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Parlor Textiles is a North Carolina-based textile studio owned by Angela Clinton. Angela's goal in creating Parlor was to create home decor fabrics that embrace ornament while reflecting a modern sensibility, with an eye toward using environmentally-friendly materials and production where possible.

Our Collection One fabrics are printed on a soft ivory fabric made from 55% hemp/45% certified organic cotton. Our Collection Two fabrics are printed on a white certified organic cotton or an oyster Belgian linen/cotton blend. Our fabrics are best suited for items such as pillows, curtains, and light duty upholstery. Printed width is 54 inches. We encourage you to request samples of our fabrics for color matching purposes.

Product Care

Non-washable. Professional dry clean: (Don't worry, your dry cleaner will know what this symbol means. It tells them to use a hydrocarbon solvent only, which is gentler than perc.) Iron as needed to remove any wrinkles. For stain removal, we recommend taking to a professional dry cleaner because - as with any printed fabric - scrubbing can cause fading. Not for outdoor use.


Parlor Textiles values eco-friendliness as well as social responsibility. We are proud to promote these values in the following ways:

  1. 1) Most of our designs are printed on hemp, certified organic cotton, and Belgian linen. Hemp is a naturally eco-friendly material because it grows quickly, with little irrigation, and without the need for herbicides or pesticides. Certified organic cotton is not only a better choice for the environment but our fellow humans as well. Organic cotton certification includes important labor standards such as workers' rights to collective bargaining. And workers benefit by being exposed to fewer harmful chemicals than those used in conventional cotton production. Like hemp, linen is a naturally eco-friendly material where all parts of the flax plant are used. It requires few chemicals and no irrigation during growing. Our linen and non-organic cotton are lightened with hydrogen peroxide, not bleach.
  2. 2) We print in the United States. Our designs are printed using a method that is much more eco-friendly than tranditional printing techniques, with minimal wasted dye and significantly less water usage. We use low-VOC, water-based inks and heat and pressure - instead of chemicals that can off-gas - to set the inks.
  3. 3) We use eco-friendly packaging materials when we can, including shipping boxes containing 45% recycled content and shipping bags containing 30% recycled content.
Angela Clinton

* Please note you may find the occasional ivory speckle - as seen in the photo at right - on our fabrics. This is not a misprint, but rather due to our eco-friendly printing process.