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What kind of custom work do you offer?

We can make a variety of custom finished products such as pillow covers and tablecloths. Custom colorways also are available with a 10-yard minimum purchase and for an additional $5 per-yard fee (any additional printer's fees, such as color matching and strike-off approval, are passed on to the customer). We also can accomodate customization of some existing designs (for example, changing the scale of a pattern). Please contact us for details.

Where can I purchase pillow inserts?

Pillow inserts may be purchased at local fabric stores or online at sites like Pottery Barn, The Company Store, and Amazon.

Who certifies your organic cotton?

The organic cotton fiber that goes into our hemp/organic cotton is certified by Control Union (to view a copy of the certificate, click here). Control Union is an approved certification body of GOTS (the Global Organic Textile Standard). The facility in which the fabric is produced processes and markets textiles according to GOTS and the Organic Exchange 100 Standard (click here to view copies of those certificates).

Why am I being asked for my county during checkout?

This question is asked for all shipments sent to North Carolina. Since we are a North Carolina-based business, and therefore required to collect local sales tax on all sales shipped within North Carolina, asking for county information allows us to collect the appropriate amount of tax from the customer.

What does the dry cleaning symbol mean?

This symbol basically tells the cleaner to use a hydrocarbon solvent that is less harsh than "perc", the most commonly used chemical in dry cleaning. This won't be a problem for your cleaner and will best preserve the color of your fabric. Or, even better for the environment is to take your fabric to a green dry cleaner.